Do you like misunderstandings, unpleasant surprises or being ignored by people you wanna work with?

If you’re reading this, you've already been asked for a Tech Pack.

A Tech Pack is the most professional way to tell all the people what your design is all about: from the sales rep who'll give you a quote, to the pattern cutter, the person sourcing materials, the print specialist, the seamstress…

As a Fashion Geek, my expertise is getting that beautiful idea out of your head/phone/Pinterest board and making it ready for sampling.

Yes, let's talk sampling first.

That's where most designers get stuck - regardless of their experience!

Nothing happens until you get making that first sample. There's no testing, no photoshoot and, most importantly, no production: serious manufacturers don't take any bulk orders before you approve a sample they made.

So you'll get to keep the big money in your wallet until you get your design your way.

That's the money saving, stress reducing magic of Product Development done right.

What else is in it for you:

  • Written instructions, measurements, technical drawings (aka flats or specs), reference pictures;

  • Intuitive layout: your Tech Pack won't look like foreign language, or an IKEA manual (what? Am I the only one who gets confused by them?);

  • Look like a pro: let the manufacturers know you're not window shopping. Who doesn't want a new client that's ready for business?

    (Nerd story 1: one of my many freelance gigs was as a sales rep for an apparel manufacturer - we know who's all tawk, and we let those emails sink to the bottom of the inbox.)

  • Peace of mind: leave no room for misunderstanding, give the factory no reason to cut corners;

  • More time to design;

  • Feel supported: a new business brings a lot of new responsibilities. It's good to have someone on the same boat (I'm also starting my own label :D) to ask if we're doing okay, or even call us out when we're dropping the ball.

How it works:

Every Tech Pack will need at least 3 pages: Cover, Construction Details and Measurement Guidelines.

How many extra pages you may need depends on your design and the manufacturer you're working with.

I offer 2 main options: Basic and Custom Tech Pack

Basic Tech pack = €200

This is the entry level tech pack, and you'll do just fine with it if:

  • You've already spoken with a few manufacturers;

  • your idea is ready and you just need to get a tech pack done to start sampling;

  • you have a simpler design, that is easy to sew and doesn't need a lot of customisation.

You'll send me your sketches, pictures, explain your idea and I'll send you a draft in 1-2 business days, with my comments and suggestions for the technical details you didn't think of.


Send me your idea.

Rough sketches, reference pictures, explanations etc.


Get a draft in 1-2 business days.

Check the proportions, measurements, and my comments on finishings and construction (Don't worry, I'll explain everything and send you pictures and suggestions!).


Final Tech Packs ready 1-2 business days after I receive your feedback.

Once I have your feedback, in another 1-2 business days you'll receive your final Tech Pack.

Simple as that.

If you haven't contacted any manufacturers yet, I can recommend the ones I work with. I can't guarantee they can produce your style or that they'll take a small production (less than 50 pieces per design per colour), but I can ask them for recommendations.

Custom Tech Packs = Basic Tech Pack fee (€200) + €50 per extra page:

This is for your brainchild, those pieces that will set your brand apart.

If you tell me everything needs to be perfect, I hear you: I'll scrutinise every single detail and go full Fashion Geek on your Tech Pack.

“ There's a special print you want to develop? I'll research and give you multiple options, pros and cons and manufacturers that can do it.

A bomber jacket with embroidered patches, contrasting lining, detachable hoodie etc etc etc? Cool. Do you want rib cuffs tucked inside the sleeves, too?

Are you going for sleek and clean? Let me cut and sew some finishing samples to suggest you. There's also a book on Couture techniques I'm dying to show you!”

Alright, I'm not going to dump all the questions on you all at once.

Here's how it will go:

  • You'll send me your sketches, pictures, explain your idea and we'll schedule a call.

    It's not a business meeting and it won't take too long, but this will give me the chance to understand what your brand is all about - so I can also gauge how Fashion nerd I'll go on you, and send you a more accurate price estimate;

  • I'll send you a quote, and if you agree with it, I'll ask for a deposit before I start;

  • Give me 1-2 business days per Tech Pack, and I'll send you the drafts.

    I like to keep things very organised, so I'll send you a Google Doc with my comments and you can reply there directly; 

  • Another 1-2 business days per Tech Pack and you'll receive your final ones.

I can also recommend manufacturers and you can loop me in your emails with the ones you already work with.

This is the bespoke experience, so the process will be a little bit different for every client.

Now if you want to go beyond bespoke…

Fashion Geek on demand - monthly retainer:

This will give you the extra peace of mind of having me keep track of your sampling orders.

All the little emails from the manufacturer asking should I do this or that, do you have a DHL account, do you have more orders for me already? They're on me.

Or you can use your hours to discuss new ideas.

Monthly retainer starts at €170 (considering 1h30/week).

We can discuss less hours if you're making only one or two styles, but consider that sampling takes at least 2-3 weeks after submitting a tech pack and paying the development fee.

What’s next - life after sample development

We're almost there, stay with me.

You got your sample, now what?

  • If you're happy with it, you've been communicating with the manufacturer yourself and you're good to order bulk production, awesome!

    Godspeed, please send me pictures :)

  • If there are still some tweaks to be made, that's absolutely normal: you don't know how your design will look like until you have it in hands and tried it on your fitting model.

    (Nerd story 2: Nicholas Ghesquières, creative director at Louis Vuitton, is said to make up to 9 fittings of each look. That's a lot of adjustments!)

Even if you're making printed t-shirts, you may decide you want to tweak the colours or the size of the print.

Even if you've done a similar style before, you might realise you don't like the fabric this time.

Do you need my assistance to conduct a fitting session, and explain the adjustments you need? If so, we'll now add new pages to your Tech Pack, 50 euros each.

This way you'll keep the history of your sample development for your records - it will come in handy for the next collections.

And look even more pro when you submit your comments also in Tech Pack format, instead of creating a ginormous email thread that goes Re:Re:Re:Re...

Information overload?

Do you have more questions now than when you started reading?

Head over to the FAQ page, or book a call and get mentored first.

I can save you time and money before you start off with the wrong foot. And I'll give you that fee back if you decide you want to order a tech pack.

** If you’re producing your line with a CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) manufacturer, they will ask you to already send a final sample along with your Tech Pack.

Book a Mentorship call to discuss how to get your sample made before you even start worrying about Tech Packs.


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