Product Development for Streetwear

Unknown LDN


Upgrading the quality of upcoming streetwear label Unknown London

Fittings - Sample Review - Tech Packs

Samples came out really good! The factory mixed up the colour on some of the pants, but generally it was all perfect! Couldn’t have done it without your help.
— Joe Granger, Unknown London

Working with Unknown LDN is the story of how I accidentally got into Streetwear.

At first I was doing fittings (proper fittings against a plain white wall, high end online shop style *ahem*), inspecting the quality of their first samples and discussing ways to improve them for production.

Then a couple months later I’d be doing Tech Packs for their AW '18 collection.

There's a lot to be done between Design and mass production. Do you want to leave your manufacturer to call the shots on your product?

Call in!

This Fashion geek will stand up for you.


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