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I’m lucky to have worked with Olivia Suguri as a consultant for a specific project.
She has shown a strong ability in researching, developing an identity, market and trend research, and going through all the technical aspects involved in the realisation of this project. I’m amazed by Olivia’s ability to incorporate her fashion knowledge into an artistic-based context, a skill she uses to full effect when presenting proposals.
She had an important role in branding, packaging, and product development - and kept a great deal of interest and communication in every aspect concerning the company.
I recommend Olivia to others looking for consulting aspects not only within the fashion industry, but also within any creative concept.
— Vanessa Murrell, co-founder at DATEAGLE ART and DATEAGLE STUDIOS

In touch with DATEAGLE ART’s disruptive behind-the-scenes content in a blog format, DATEAGLE ART SHOP was a project aimed at offering easy to wear, no-nonsense staples that the artists themselves would wear to work.

Mixing Streetwear and Workwear with our own twist on the indie t-shirt, we replaced the DIY screen printing with photojournalism style pictures and bios printed in high quality; added random paint blots and brushstroke tests; used doodles found around the studios as inspiration for minimalistic embroideries on ready-made garments...

A story of the process - the making, the mess, the routine - is told, contrasting the extraordinary final artworks with the real person behind it.

Steps in this project:

  • Trend & Mood boards;

  • Market and competitors research;

  • Fabric and materials research;

  • Construction, details and customization techniques (print, embroidery etc);

  • Sourcing of vintage pieces and garment printing companies.

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