sample making For Arturo Obegero

MA Fashion CSM, 2018


"...the actual making process was the hardest obstacle for me as my pieces are technically quite complex and they require precise hands and an extensive amount of time cutting and sewing. However, I had the help of amazing friends such as Olivia Suguri and Sara Kiani, whose help saved my life so many times. Apart from that, time management was a substantial obstacle during the development of this collection. The CSM MA path is so intense, you basically have lineups every week where they expect quality and quantity, and at the end, you only have a week to modify and fix all the mistakes or even to remake new pieces."

Arturo Obegero for Teeth Magazine

Double satin draped gloves for  Arturo Obegero

Double satin draped gloves for Arturo Obegero


A Tech Pack or a pretty sketch are not a guarantee your sample will come out right.

Avoid wasting time and take control of your Design and Product development process by sending your own sample first.

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