Project Me


Project Me: Cats, flowers and pretty things - Grad Dip CSM Fashion '16

RESEARCH - pRINT & Textile Development

'What do you surround yourself with? What would the most authentic, unashamedly fabulous version of yourself look like?'

Starting off with a stupid name and a proposition that is just too grand - like a dangerous mission on a sci-fi movie - Project Me was a chance to stop trying to be Fashion, and mix up my special blend of Kawaii Madness & Confusion to be added to my beloved everyday clothes.

A sense of familiarity was meant to be kept with instantly recognizable pieces - a varsity jacket, Breton shirts, a kilt - but with proportions, colours and motifs that only a cartoon character would wear.

gallery-portfolio-project Me-samples-banner.jpg

Do you really need to go to a famous Fashion school to produce this kind of work?

“Is this the style I'm going to develop if I go to CSM?

Why is your work not like So-and-so on 1Granary's work?

Will I get a job at Louis Vuitton after I graduate? I'll settle for Gucci or Balenciaga.”

Get answers to these questions by going to a psychic, then hoping for the best.


You can get in touch with me and avoid the heartbreak when the Universe decides not grant you all your wishes.

It works like this: you'll tell me your greatest Fashion ambitions, and I'll do my own research AND ask my friends, old tutors, manufacturers I work with, vintage dealers etc to come up with a plan for you.

Intrigued? Click below - I'm a good witch, promise.


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