The cure for “I don't know how”


Fashion is way too diverse, there isn't one single The Right Way to start and if you don't follow it, you missed your chance for good.

That kind of BS kept me stuck in a vicious cycle for years:

I compared myself to the lucky ones who made it, then tried to find the recipe to their secret sauce. I'd find out there was still something missing...and I was back to comparing and trying to figure out the secret ingredient in the most ineffective ways possible.

Anyone can start…

Have you already:

  • made Pinterest boards for your first collection but never tried any of those ideas?

  • spent hours on Google, Quora and Reddit, but can't figure out what's reliable and what's fluff?

  • downloaded all the free ebooks you could find, read them once, highlighted some stuff... and never opened them again?

  • read countless interviews with your favourite designers but can't piece together all the steps they followed to get where they are?

And last but not least...

  • DMed some hot shot on Instagram, or got in touch with a friend of a friend of a friend that had a cool job, casually threw in some compliments and said the biggest turnoff of all times: I'd love to have a chat?

    (Ouch! That was embarrassing!)

If so, you're in the infamous land of "Throwing sh*t at the wall", where results are lukewarm and inconsistent.

How to get past the newbie zone

Remember the nerdy classmate you got stuck with in that group project, who barged in when everyone was making super cool plans to go to the moon and back to stutter “B-but, but guys...we don't even know where to buy rocket fuel, it's probably illegal to use it at school”.

Ok, that was a stretch but you get me.

I'll be that geek for you.

I respect you enough not to give you airy-fairy advice, and I'm compassionate enough not to scoff at your dreams because I'm such a Fashion insider connoisseur extraordinaire - I'm not.

Book a one hour Mentorship session where you'll tell me:

  • Where you're at now and where you want to get;

  • What's your background in Fashion (none is a valid answer here);

  • How much time you can devote to this Fashion thing - we all have bills to pay, cats to give attention to, our own health to take care of;

  • Your budget. 'Oh Darling, you absolutely must fly to Paris for inspiration this weekend!' is not the sort of thing that will come out of my mouth;

  • Your deadlines.

What you get:

  • a custom plan sent to you in 3-5 business days (not right away because I'll still do a more focused research after getting to know you better, but you'll leave the call with plenty to think about already);

  • actionable advice that you'll be comfortable following;

  • a follow-up email to check on you, sent on whichever date we agree: one week, one month, two months - you name it.

One hour session = €70.

It's more expensive than buying me coffee, but a lot more straightforward.

No small talk, no fluff, no need to research about me and find a way to sneak up a strategic compliment ;)

Still in doubt? Check out my previous projects or see the FAQ.