Let’s be real: I know you have REALLY high standards for what you call Fashion.

You’ve been looking for the fastest way to start your clothing line or to get ahead in your career, because you know in your heart you’ve got some fresh ideas that’d really make an impact - but they need to be done RIGHT.

If you’re in Streetwear, that'd mean selling right next to Supreme, or Balenciaga even;

If you’re into activewear, you know you could make leggings that’d make Lululemon go “ Why didn’t we think of that?”. 

Or you’re simply the biggest Fashion buff, who knows every up-and-coming designer from LFW and watched every interview on Showstudio to know all those designers are coming from these Fashion schools. 

You just need someone to finally tell you: “Is it worth it? Is it for me?”

But right now, you’re stuck in Fashion newbie/ wannabe/ outsider zone.

Something’s always missing.

Manufacturers tell you on their website apparel production will be so simple… and then ask for a load of technical stuff, such as fabric type, printing techniques, flat sketches, and -- most confusing of all -- your tech packs. 

(And other tech designers will do your tech packs after you've successfully winged it to make your first sample. Well, that doesn’t help!)

Fashion insiders are just too damn busy in those super competitive top schools, or making the best impression on their dream job, hanging out with other fabulous creative types… 

Plus, they're incredibly cautious not to spill any secrets to the people who “just don’t get it”. Not after all their hard work and tears!

No more wondering how to get the proverbial foot-on-the-door, no more reading countless articles, no more DMs that make you look desperate.

No judgement, I’ve been there. 

And I know it sucks to feel like you need only one. more. thing. Then still be stuck after you get it.

That’s why I wanna work out a better plan for you:


gallery-intro-techpack-windbreaker2-Olivia Suguri.jpg

Ongoing support

Let me obsess with the technical stuff, plus work with you backstage at every step on the way to your clothing line.

And yes, that also includes Tech Packs.

Basic plan starts at €150/month.

Special plan for Mature students or graduates = €50/month.


One-off quick fix

Of course I want you to “follow your dreams”, but that alone is just the laziest advice.

Book a call so I can answer your burning questions, find your strengths, and give you well-founded suggestions to get you moving towards your goals.

1h session + custom plan emailed to you = €70.


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Get a Fashion geek on your side:

Bunka Fashion College, Garment Creation course, 2009 - 2011;

Central Saint Martins, Fashion Folio and Graduate Diploma in Fashion, 2014 - 2016;


I've worked with:

Product Development for luxury labels (a.k.a. the work that happens between Design and Mass Production), remotely and in-house;

Pattern cutting and sampling with students in top Fashion schools.

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Now opening my own label in Northern Portugal - where both luxury brands and up-and-coming designers come to source fabrics and manufacturers.

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