First, you:

Does this sound right?

You’re here because you’ve been looking for the fastest way to start your own clothing line.

You know in your heart that if it gets made right, you'd get fans all over the world, influencers begging to collaborate with you, and then finally start selling right next to Supreme, Balenciaga, or even Gucci.

But now you’re stuck. You don’t know how to communicate the technical stuff to your manufacturer. They’re asking for your fabric name, printing techniques, measurements, flat sketches, and -- most confusing of all -- your tech packs.

Manufacturers tell you on their website apparel production will be so simple.

Other tech designers will do your tech packs...after you've done all the work to make your first sample.  

And you’re wondering, will I ever get my idea off the ground (and into the closet of fans everywhere?)

That’s where I come in.


gallery-intro-techpack-windbreaker2-Olivia Suguri.jpg

starting your clothing line?

Let me obsess over the technical stuff and get you ready to talk business, with an apparel manufacturer that understands the quality you're going for.

I'll work with you backstage and get your Tech Packs ready in as quick as 3 business days.

And yes, I will give you options and explain everything in lamest terms.

Basic Tech Packs starts at €200 (Streetwear and other staples).


Just starting out in Fashion?

“Follow your dreams” is crappy advice when you're about to spend a lot of time and money.

Do you need portfolio advice to apply to one of the top Fashion schools in the world?

Or do you want to start your clothing line but don't know where to start?

Book a call and we'll come up with a plan that will focus on your strengths - instead of how to fix your weaknesses (we all have them…).

1h session + custom plan emailed to you = €70.


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Get a Fashion geek on your side :)

Bunka Fashion College, Garment Creation course, 2009 - 2011;

Central Saint Martins, Fashion Folio and Graduate Diploma in Fashion, 2014 - 2016;


I've worked with:

Product Development for luxury labels (a.k.a. the work that happens between Design and Mass Production), remotely and in-house;

Pattern cutting and sampling with students in top Fashion schools.

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Now opening my own label in Northern Portugal - where both luxury brands and up-and-coming designers come to source fabrics and manufacturers.

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