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Graduate collection - Grad Dip CSM Fashion '16

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - Placement Digital Printing - garment construction

"Olivia reflects upon contemporary digital existence as she translates her technical design background in construction into a digitally printed materiality. Interested in cartoons, she examines the way in which something two-dimensional can assume a three-dimensional shape.

She draws out her characteristic colour schemes from the assembling and disassembling of digital photographs, and applies them to highly constructed kimono designs in satin with layers of lamé and crinoline. As a method, digital printing is the ultimate conjoining of a digital and physical approach to fashion digital.

Video games, magical powers and beautiful things inform the imagination of Olivia's design universe, as marked by the presence of the cat, a returning avatar in her work and garments."

Interpretive text written by Jeppe Ugelvig - Culture, Criticism and Curation in Art & Fashion


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