Tech packs:

How will we work together?

We'll work remotely, using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, you name it.

This is one way you can keep your business lean, meaning: no need for your own studio space and employees yet.

It’s not such an alien idea since the manufacturing will be done remotely, too: you won’t be overseeing every single step of the process, even if you hire a local sewing shop to make your production.

I don't have my designs ready yet/ How do I know this is the right way to do things for my brand?

Each brand will develop their own unique way of working.

I encourage you to get in touch as soon as you have a rough idea of what you want to produce: you might be overthinking some details and not thinking of important ones you don't know yet.

Are you an agent or middleman?

No, that's not my business model.

I've seen too many clients get their tech packs and then never go through sampling because they can't find a reliable factory that is willing to work with small quantities, and that's also an issue I'm facing now with my own label - so I'm interested in sharing my experience and take off another obstacle from your path.

Some of the manufacturers will give me a small commission (1 to 3% of your final production order, meaning they'll only pay me after your bulk production has been successfully completed) but all the communication will go through you.

Even if you choose to have me handle all the communication with the manufacturers, you will be copied in every email and all the decisions regarding price and order quantities are yours to make.

How do I know it's safe to pay you?

There are many payment methods to choose from:

  • good old wire transfer is the easiest way if you're in Europe;

  • Stripe payment - the one powering the transactions on Shopify and Big Cartel online stores - is the easiest if you want to use your credit card. You can contest any payments done here;

  • PayPal if you're terrified that I might take your money and disappear, as they offer the most straightforward Buyer Protection service.

All your work will be kept confidential, and you can send me a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we begin.

I try to make my Tech Pack service as fast and easy to use as possible, since you already have a lot on your plate with your new brand, but we can discuss a payment plan of 3 or more instalments plus a contract for bigger projects (7 or more styles, or over €1200).

I’m amazed by Olivia’s ability to incorporate her fashion knowledge into an artistic-based context, a skill she uses to full effect when presenting proposals.
She had an important role in branding, packaging, and product development - and kept a great deal of interest and communication in every aspect concerning the company.
I recommend Olivia to others looking for consulting aspects not only within the fashion industry, but also within any creative concept.
— Vanessa Murrell, co-founder at DATEAGLE ART and DATEAGLE STUDIOS


Why would I need mentorship?

I find it useful to do a self-awareness check whenever I'm about to go business mode:

If my Fashion icon met me on the street or came upon my Instagram feed, would she see all the potential in me?

If I get in touch with a manufacturer now, do I know what I need to ask them or am I just going to ramble about my plans and expect them to beg me to do business with them?

Can I see where I'm getting in my own way, or am I too close to my own work? If you're applying for a job or a competitive Fashion course, you can add: am I aware of the level of the other applicants?

Those are Yes or No questions, by the way: too many Nos mean I have to go back to the drawing board.

Too much rationalisation, rambling or bitching mean I need to step back, otherwise I'll just be throwing sh*t at the wall to have the sensation of being productive.

A mentorship is a great way to get straightforward answers when you're feeling stuck, while having someone that will keep you accountable for your big Fashion vision.

Why should I choose you?

Because I'm only a few steps ahead, meaning I'm accessible.

In fact, that's exactly how my now almost famous friend Arturo described me: super friendly and accessible, really kind and loyal.

I'm here for the newbies, as someone who's been a terrified newbie being bullied or ignored by Fashion insiders in many occasions.

You should not pick me if you're expecting a know-it-all Fashion authority.

Why Mentorship, not consultancy/ advisory/ coaching?

My experience with consultants is someone that will impose his views on your business, with zero skin in the game, because he’s got superior knowledge, experience and *argh* taste.

I’ve seen small labels bend to consultants’ whims because they believe he has it all figured out and because he has the power to make or break anyone’s career. In the meantime, they overlook their own budget, the voice of their own employees and customer feedback.

Advisory just sounds way too corporate.

And I don't understand the work of a coach to proclaim myself one, nor do I have any certifications.

I can mentor you based on my own experience studying at two reputable Fashion schools, working between up-and-coming labels and a number of manufacturers, helping my old uni friends, and now starting my own line in good bootstrap style.

All clear? Get in touch.