Creative Cutting Project


Twisting the kimono construction - Grad Dip CSM Fashion '15

RESEARCH - Draping & Creative Pattern Cutting

Being half-Japanese but growing up in Brazil, the kimono had always been an elusive piece to me.

And even though I studied in Tokyo for 2 years, it was only in London, many years later, that I bought my first one!

Traditionally worn in a very constricting way and with many layers as not to show any skin, in this project I wanted to use similar geometrical pattern pieces to make a more dramatic silhouette that responded to dance and movement.



How much Pattern cutting does a Fashion designer need to know?

Do you want to make designs so unique, nobody can tell how you got there?

Designs that will be compared to McQueen, Galliano, Comme des Garçons…you name it.

Don't get discouraged by such ideas as talent and genius: there are many skills you can learn and practice to get closer to your Fashion icons.

Pattern cutting is one of them, but maybe it's not your thing. Or maybe you've been learning it in a way that's just so boring or confusing to you.

Find out the fastest, smartest ways to learn the skills you'll need in your Fashion career with someone that gets Design and Technique (oh, hello there ;)


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