Fashion Folio CSM '14-15

RESEARCH - Textile Development - Design DEVELOPMENT - garment construction

Boro: "a class of Japanese textiles that have been mended or patched together. The term is derived from Japanese boroboro, meaning something tattered or repaired. As hemp was more widely available in Japan than cotton, they were often woven together for warmth. [...] Furthermore, during the Edo period fabrics made from silk and cotton were reserved for only a select portion of the upper class. Boro thus came to predominately signify clothing worn by the peasant farming classes, who mended their garments with spare fabric scrapes out of economic necessity. In many cases, the usage of such a boro garment would be handed down over generations, eventually resembling a patchwork after decades of mending." - Boro (textile),

Using different types of stitchings, distressing and painting, this project focuses on creating beautifully weird textile samples instead of trying to replicate the traditional Boro look with patchwork. 

References to the classic American denim plus white shirt workwear are added to the Japanese influences to further inform materials and silhouettes, and larger versions of the samples are used for drapings on an actual person for Design Development, resulting in both oversized, exploding shapes and minimalistic white shirts.


What is this Fashion Folio course?

Fashion Folio is a full-time portfolio making course, divided in three terms, where you'll develop a portfolio to apply to a Fashion school, or receive advice to work on your own self-development and improve your portfolio to apply for jobs or start your own brand.

That's the corporate style definition of the course.

But as it's true for all CSM Fashion courses, the reality is:

Nobody will actually teach you anything. There are no classes, no subjects, and you have to come in with your own skills.

And you'll come out of it with work so good, work you'd never have imagined you could even produce.

Ah the beauty of seeing your finished portfolio…

But wait!

Ok, Fashion school can be tough. Like, you will cry many times and in public kind of tough.

That’s how they squeeze the best out of you: by squeezing the best out of you, with the help of yelling, brutally honest feedback or ignoring you until you come back with better stuff.

And there's no guarantee you'll get that fancy job you want after you graduate.

Shouldn't you have a plan before saying goodbye to all that money? We're talking over £30,000 per year for international students.

Get in touch with a good witch before you end up having to sell your soul to Ursula.

It works like this: you'll tell me your greatest Fashion ambitions, and I'll do my own research AND ask my friends, old tutors, manufacturers I work with, vintage dealers etc to come up with a plan for you.

Intrigued? Click below - I neither bite nor yell.

Or you can wait for stories of young Olivia studying Fashion abroad - coming soon on the blog.


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