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UPDATE: How to create your own Fashion model template (Video tutorial)

I recently got a comment on my YouTube video on how to create a Fashion model template, so I'm posting this video again with a written step-by-step tutorial, with the names of the Photoshop tools in English (mine are in Portuguese on the screen…sorry about that) plus screenshots.

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How to create your own Fashion model template (Video tutorial)

After last week's post, How to draw better, faster, stronger Fashion sketches, I had to do another video showing to make the actual template - so, the prequel.

Yes, I insist on this template thing! When you have to draw over 100 rough sketches for an 8-look project, drawing every little model from scratch will drive you mad!

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My intentions for this blog in 2019: what is Fashion Tech support supposed to be?

First post of the year and a reflection: if people are responding a lot better to the craft side of my work on social media, more than they want free flat sketches or free tech pack templates, what content will I offer on Fashion Tech support?

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