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My intentions for this blog in 2019: what is Fashion Tech support supposed to be?

First post of the year and a reflection: if people are responding a lot better to the craft side of my work on social media, more than they want free flat sketches or free tech pack templates, what content will I offer on Fashion Tech support?

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Fashion sketch on a runway model template

Despite what you might have see around in books or over the internet, Contemporary Fashion Design has nothing to do with Fashion Illustrations of 9-foot tall women in awkward poses.

Find out how to sketch in the quickest, most professional way using my free Fashion model template.

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5 reasons you should not start your clothing line (yet)

Who am I to write why you shouldn't open your business, instead of writing a “How to open a clothing line” article?

As I get ready to start my own label, if anything this is a list to remind me to beware of the pitfalls that I've experienced first hand working in Fashion startups, or that I've seen other startups run into during this time working as a freelance Fashion designer.

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How to Fill in a Basic Tech Pack to Start Sampling

Look up 'tech pack' on Google and you'll find countless examples of templates, so I wrote this as a quick tech pack walkthrough to help anyone whose fashion dreams have hit a snag because they don’t know how or where to start.

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