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UPDATE: How to create your own Fashion model template (Video tutorial)

I recently got a comment on my YouTube video on how to create a Fashion model template, so I'm posting this video again with a written step-by-step tutorial, with the names of the Photoshop tools in English (mine are in Portuguese on the screen…sorry about that) plus screenshots.

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How to create your own Fashion model template (Video tutorial)

After last week's post, How to draw better, faster, stronger Fashion sketches, I had to do another video showing to make the actual template - so, the prequel.

Yes, I insist on this template thing! When you have to draw over 100 rough sketches for an 8-look project, drawing every little model from scratch will drive you mad!

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5 reasons you should not start your clothing line (yet)

Who am I to write why you shouldn't open your business, instead of writing a “How to open a clothing line” article?

As I get ready to start my own label, if anything this is a list to remind me to beware of the pitfalls that I've experienced first hand working in Fashion startups, or that I've seen other startups run into during this time working as a freelance Fashion designer.

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