Screw being a Freelance Tech Pack designer (who needs it?)


This post was gonna be another long one, where I’m all didactic and stuff.

But as I said in the title: Who needs it?

I already rewrote most of my website, so have a look at the homepage and my services: the one-hour, quick fix Mentorship call is still there, but I’m no longer offering a “Tech Pack service”.


Because that’s a sh*t service that doesn’t solve your problems if you’re coming brand new into Fashion.

With testimonials to prove it.

More support, and actually cheaper

I’m now offering subscription plans, so I can be your Fashion guide-on-the-side.

What’s so great about paying me a set fee every month?

Well, if you were to order Tech Packs with me for a capsule collections, say, of 4 pieces, it’d end up costing you at the very, very least €800.

50% charged upfront, so you’d have to be ready to pay €400 in one go.

And you’d have to have your designs figured out before we start.

Now you can have a few hours with me every week, and you get to decide when you need more guidance and when I can work independently (while you take care of your life and other biz) to polish your ideas and then -- can you guess it? -- do your Tech Packs.

Interested? Keep reading here.