Do you need to go to a famous Fashion school?


Can you afford to study full-time at a top Fashion school without getting neck-deep in debt?

Are you aware it's not a guarantee you'll ever become a rich and famous Fashion designer, or get to be the head of a famous brand?

Do you have a support system in place for when things get tough at uni, like a loving family that believes in your decision to go to Fashion school instead of getting a Law degree? Friends that've been through the same to give you comforting advice when you're smashed by your tutor's critiques?

All good? Then who am I to tell you not to follow my footsteps.

I'd never have learned to cut and sew so skilfully if it wasn't for the excellent technical foundation I got from Bunka Fashion College.

I could've never imagined I'd produce such beautiful portfolios before my 2 years at Central Saint Martins.

And getting to live in Tokyo and London? Who wouldn't want that?

My student life had its extreme ups and downs, but overall I can't say I didn't enjoy myself. What happened afterwards is the problem: my extraordinary Fashion education did not result in an extraordinary career.

The insight I wish I had when I was starting out in Fashion

What you learn at uni and what you really need to get yourself in the job market are two very different things.

This is probably true for any other subject but let me stick to my own experience in Fashion: I could never reach just the right balance of creativity and technical skills to show recruiters I can make clothes that sell.

And that's the main thing Fashion brands need.

No sales, no business. No business, no Fashion.

Kinda sucks to distill it into such a crude equation, but that's precisely what helped me lift off the shame of not being a phenomenal success despite being the A+ kind of student.

My beloved craft's something, the industry and market are something else, and my job as a Fashion Designer's to find ways to make them overlap.

Kinda like that.

Kinda like that.

The starter guide I'm writing for 15-year old me

Or whatever age I was when I found out Fashion was a thing (different times, waaay before Instagram and Pinterest).

This will be a good starting point if you are:

  • A Fashion & Apparel newbie wanting to start your own clothing line without having to go back to school or purchasing an expensive online course with a curriculum you don't quite understand;

  • Thinking of applying to a Fashion school, and you want to have a taste of what it's like to work as a Fashion designer;

  • A Fashion student wondering if you're even need some of the stuff you're learning at your course once it's time to go into the job market;

  • A fresh graduate struggling to bridge the gap between what you did in school and what skills you need to show to get the job you want.

I want it to be both comprehensive and easy to follow.

And FUN, for Christ's sake! Enough about the hustle thing, if it's gonna suck your soul for nothing, you shouldn't do it.

So a great side-effect of this guide will be: if you dread every single step in it, you'll realise you need to rethink (not necessarily quit) this Fashion thing.

Work like a Fashion Designer: coming soon… ish?

I don't want to write BS, and this guide will cover a whole lot of steps so you can come up with your own mini-project - so it'll take me at least one month to finish it, then one more month to be reviewed by friends who're working in Fashion, some of my old freelance clients, new friends that've told me they never went to Fashion school because they thought they wouldn't cut it.

And this is also my first time doing a paid mini-course.

Yep, this one won't be part of my Free Resources: as I'm changing course with my services to be more educational and less Tech Packs for people ripping off whatever's trending out there, I want to include this guide as a taster before you decide whether to work with me one-to-one.

I'm still going to create free content for the blog, and my next post will be about Bunka Fashion College (spoiler alert: you do need to speak proper Japanese).

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