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A mature student's guide to CSM - part 2: Graduate Diploma

I'm so incredibly grateful that I could go to CSM. Now it's time I take responsibility for this £60,000 decision I made when I thought I'd never accomplish anything as a designer without a fancy degree.

This is the last part on my CSM Fashion guide for mature students, so you can be happier on your journey than I was.

Spread love, not stereotypical messages glorifying overwork and competitiveness 💖

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Preview: A mature student's guide to CSM Fashion

This is the post I kept planning and postponing for a long time…

How can I even start talking about Central Saint Martins and its unique way of running their courses, if each student will have their own learning curve, filled with many high and low points?

This will become a new e-book, and I'm narrowing the target audience to mature students. For now, you can have a look at how I plan to structure the content.

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