Who needs another (Fashion) blog?


The more I learn about Internet marketing, SEO, keywords etc, the less I feel like blogging.

While I originally had this (possibly very romantic) idea that writing a blog was like writing an open journal—where I could share my journey and discuss the things that I learned along the way—these days, most blogs feel like an overedited rehashing of information that is already out there, delivered in a tried and tested clickbait format.

While I could create articles on tech packs from scratch, using my own work and school experience, I'm a great believer in learning things by doing.

Tech packs are only the very beginning of a long process of making a new design, so I don’t want to encourage you to stay on my blog too long. There’s no point in reading a bunch of articles that are crafted to simply get you to read even more articles.

My goal isn’t to get you to consume useless information. My goal isn’t to get you to click some “call to action” button at the bottom of the page. The only thing that will actually help you is taking real action that will get you closer to launching your clothing line, and that requires a lot more than endless research on the Internet.

Besides, technical stuff is really boring—especially if you never put it into practice. So what’s the point of writing or reading about it?

My goal with this blog is to be 100% authentic and to write not only about the technical information that stands between you and the manufacturer, but also about the things that excite me in my craft. I’m passionate about sustainability, DIY, and vintage research—even though it might not fit the Fashion Tech Support “brand.”

I'm not trying to pass for a corporation here. I’m just one person, so the content will come first, and the branding will emerge later at some point.

To end my first post on a positive note: I invite you to stick around, give me your feedback, and help me create content that is relevant to you. (I already have 2 FREE ebooks in my Ebooks & Templates section!)

There's a lot to cover and writing takes time, so have a look at my ebooks, my templates, and my previous projects in the meantime.

If you see something you like or a service that is just what you need at this point to start your collection, then get in touch with me! I'm human, I love to help, and I'm also starting my own label, so I get what you’re going through. :)