Olivia Suguri, Fashion nerd at your service.


Fashion tech support from someone who gets the tech and the design...

Imagine that!

Before I get into my rare dual skillset, let me tell you: I get it! I get what you’re facing.

Every time I started a new phase in my Fashion career, there was always a higher authority to tell me I just didn't have it.

I wasn't technical enough, then I wasn't experienced enough, then not creative enough...

All I wanted was straightforward advice to get me unstuck.

But no one delivered it. I had to get two degrees in two very famous schools; be somebody’s bitch in so many different jobs; and then still figure out things by trial and error.

And that’s why I’m determined to save you all those headaches and make it simple for you to bring your dream to life.

That’s what I deliver with Fashion Tech support.

And with skin in the game.

Is it just me, or you also can't deal with all the (mostly unsolicited) advice from people who mean well but don't have a clue what you're going through?

I always wanted to start my own label and do things my own way, but no amount of Fashion education or pep talk from my auntie could replace this one thing: actually opening my own business.

So I'm finally launching my first collection in June 2019 - at the same time I'm running this website, writing new content for my blog and keeping my freelance gigs to pay the bills.

Now I can say without stuttering: I. Get. You.

I'll be right by your side, facing the same issues with manufacturers, deadlines and technical issues - and telling the story of how I'm tackling them. Or not tackling them and gracefully moving on to Plan B on the last minute.

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Olivia Suguri, Lady of Kimonos and Kitties.

Fashion designer-maker, creative pattern cutter and tech design ninja.

Lover of retro videogames, Final Fantasy VII, cartoons and Aloha shirts.

Repairer of vintage clothes and really old stuff no one else cares about (until I weave my magic onto them).


Bunka Fashion College, Garment Creation course, 2009 - 2011;

Central Saint Martins, Fashion Folio and Graduate Diploma in Fashion, 2014 - 2016;


I've worked with:

Product Development for luxury labels (a.k.a. the work that happens between Design and Mass Production), remotely and in-house;

Pattern cutting and sampling with students in top Fashion schools.


Now opening my own label in Northern Portugal - where both luxury brands and up-and-coming designers come to source fabrics and manufacturers.

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