Myself and what I can do for your clothing line

Fashion Tech support

No-nonsense Product Development & Advice for new Designers

Everything is crystal clear when you're dreaming of your new collection…you just need someone to explain your vision to the manufacturer.

I'm here to work backstage and get your design ready for sampling with my Tech Packs.

As a Fashion geek, I like to fill in the technical details by:

  • browsing Net-a-Porter/ Mr. Porter/ HBX to find the best finishings;

  • carefully drawing flats using Illustrator and Photoshop so they don't look so…well, flat;

  • obsessing over the technical stuff, such as fabric weight, composition, printing techniques, and measurements.

And most importantly, I'm not here to impose my taste. Or the latest trends from Generictrendforecaster.com or some “Fashionista”. Yikes.

Your design, your rules.

So Get in touch if you're ready to start.

Or get mentored if it's all too much and you need a plan (who doesn't love a good step-by-step tutorial?).


Olivia Suguri

Fashion designer-maker

First I wanted to learn how to make impeccable clothes, so I went to Bunka Fashion College…

Then I worked at small luxury Womenswear labels where the Design department was myself and the owner.

Before I could even dream of designing, I was busy sourcing materials, making tech packs, dealing with different sewing factories, and even drafting a pattern on my tiny office desk sometimes.

Plus taking the occasional sample home to add buttonholes during the weekend.

All this work in Product Development did require me to think creatively, but I still wanted to be a designer - so I went for the polar opposite of my first school.

And as the good geek I am, of course I wanted to go to Central Saint Martins!

During my time in Fashion Folio and Graduate Diploma, I eventually realised (after I stopped crying…those tutors can be mean!) that my technical background was a great asset - so I want to help other designers with the side of Fashion that comes naturally to me.

(Check the recommendations on my LinkedIn profile: I have a history of making my friends’ designs look good.)

I'm trained in very classic Dressmaking and Tailoring, self-taught in Illustrator and Photoshop, and a Vintage upcycling and kimono repair aficionado.

Add in some cats, 90s videogames, Japanese anime and ukiyo-e, and there you have it: a brief but accurate description of my portfolio.

And recently I've worked with many Streetwear labels.

It happened by accident and I became another convert.

How could I not? I never found anyone who liked videogames and oversized clothes in the luxury Womenswear label-sphere.

Convinced yet? Intrigued? Stop reading and get in touch :)